You come by car or bus to Tuvesvik ferry-terminal, where you will find plenty of parking spots (P besökande). The parking costs 100 kr per day and you pay by card (no cash) in one of the parking ticket vending machines. Or you download the parking app via . Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to allow time for parking. Your visit to Käringön should not start by stress...

Detailed instructions for parking.

You buy your ferry ticket either in the vending machine by the terminal or on-board. If you have a Västtrafik card or the ToGo app it is even more simple.

You will find departure times at Västtrafiks website, but we also have a simplified time-table.

Käringöns sjötaxi

We perform fast boat trips with our boats - Marie and Linnan are taxi boats and Humlan is a transportation boat. We also have a four-wheeled quad with trailer and a small truck on the mainland to meet transportation needs between the island and mainland.

So if you miss the ferry, need to transport some furnitre or have some construction waste at home that you would like to get rid of? We will solve it!! Or maybe you are visiting and would like to take a sightseeing trip, look for seals or discover a small island and bring a picknick and a swim or visit the lighthouse of Måseskär simply contact us. 

Call us and we'll come. We answer the phone almost always.

Bengt and Marie, Käringöns Sjötaxi & Transport
0708 301 232 or 0723 99 86 99


With Lotsbåten (The Pilot Boat) Lotshotellet offer fast transfers to and from mainland, customized excursions, seal-safari, deep-sea fishing trips, bathing trips to the sandy beach of Vallerö, water-skiing or other adventures.

We grew up in these waters and we know all the secrets. The boat is the fastest on the island and all our skippers have the experience and special high-speed certificates required to drive you safely. 

More information and prices!

Klas and Milla, Lotshotellet
0304 560 90